Friday, September 23, 2016

I Compose Your Mid Life Crisis Survival Guide

It seems everyone hits that period in there life when we begun to question our own existence. It usually happens around 35 yrs old, but sometimes it can happen later. When you think of "midlife" you think of the middle of your lifespan. Being 46, I can only assume my mid life has already happened. While I didn't have much of a mid life crisis, I can certainly relate to questioning "why" on most accounts. 

Why do things cost so much now? What kind of language are the kids speaking? Why is everything blurry when I look at it? These are probably the age old questions I'm asking here.

On this week's Acting with Andy, our resident life guru, Andy Pyles once again offers some solid advice on how to become a film director WITHOUT film school. Yes, you're reading hat right...without the tuition of multiple years of schooling. You to, can become a world famous director like Spielberg, Lucas or apparently, Andy Pyles. So, sit back, watch and learn from the master.

*Keep in mind, this is only a parody and for your benefit and the benefit of others, do not follow any of his advice.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How to Become a Director WITHOUT Film School!!

Want to become an accomplished film director? Debating about film school? Don't bother!! Andy Pyles, world renowned actor and director offers advice and tips about how to skip all that and get right into the action. No books, no tuition...just straight knowledge from the master. 

*Keep in mind, this is only a parody and for your benefit and the benefit of others, do not follow any of his advice. 

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Complete Mental Breakdown Caught on Tape!!!

This week, as we approach my 46th birthday, looks like no other. I look in the mirror and I don't recognize the person staring back at me. He looks like he's been through the ringer, so to speak. 

The mentality of, age is just a number, just begins to blend in after a while. We start to question our own mortality. We wonder if we have "all our ducks in a row" so when we pass, we know who gets stuck with all our crap. 

Not to sound bleak, but when we filmed this week's Dimension Chat, things spiraled out of control and I had a bit of a break down...luckily, the cameras were rolling and you get to watch...sickos. 

Also this week, if you missed it, we made the announcement that we will begin production on a new monthly program. This has been in my mind for about a year now. If you remember, I used to host a program called Late Night at the Horror Hotel, which used to be the title of this blog, if you noticed. We were horror hosts and were fortunate to have been in homes all across the country. It was a lot of fun and I have always been drawn back to that type of entertainment and creativity. So, from this, Count Clowny was born. I figure this will be a great way to showcase all of our programming into one show, while still providing weekly content. I imagine you will see even more characters debut plus all the regulars like Acting with Andy, Dimension Chat, Petey Panda and even some eating challenges, plus additional things like horror shorts and fake commercials.

While we are here, we might as well share this week's Acting with Andy. Andy Pyles is a special type of guy. He truly believes he knows everything, except there is a detour between his brain and his mouth. Typically, he ends up saying things he doesn't quite grasp, although he stands behind it all.

This week Andy films his infomercial for "Reviewing Movies" except I'm not sure if Andy knows how to review movies. You'll see that Andy provides info about your entire movie going experience. If you have a blog and you're a movie reviewer, then this dvd is a "Must Buy", or something. Without further ado, here is our boy Andy.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Acting with Andy - Informercial for How to Review Movies

Self proclaimed, World renowned acting coach and mentor, Andy Pyles proudly presents his informercial for his newest DVD series: How to review movies. According to Andy, one viewing of this DVD and you will be an expert, a master and know all the trade secrets about reviewing movies and going to the theater properly.

*keep in mind, this is only a parody and Andy is not selling anything. Also, for your benefit and the benefit of others, do not follow any of his advice.

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Videos of the week!

Hey gang, lets take a look back at the videos this past week over on the ole' youtube channel. As many know, I am always trying new things and looking for ideas for Dimension Chat. Hopefully, these videos will see you subscribing, laughing, sharing and overall, enjoying the content. Lets take a look, shall we?

This past Wednesday, we saw a new Acting with Andy, as our acting coach, Andy Pyles help shed some light on making us "be better guests at a BBQ". Now, sure, everyone has been invited to a summer BBQ, but I must say, the advice that Andy gave might not be too helpful and frankly, could cost you friends. Well, unless you just "show up, uninvited".

Next, on Thursday, we saw a new Hacky Shack pop up on the channel, and this time, I tried some new material in this quick 60 sec stand up comedy routine. People always ask, why aren't these longer? The best answer I can give? I'm just not funny enough for 2 minutes. I'm trying to give you the feel of watching an older, Tonight Show style set.

Last but not least, we move to the Ultimate, Incredible Family bottle flip challenge. This came about because, like everyone else, we came across a video of a few people making this "bottle flipping" a thing, so we Curt and myself had been challenging each other for about 2 weeks. We would get the others attention, flip and walk away...most times, unsuccessful. Watch as my family cheats me out of the win.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Acting with Andy - Today's Lesson - Social Media, Love and Male Bags

Today, our acting coach, Andy Pyles tries to offer his advice about social media, plus, we are gifted with his tip about romance. Andy also dives into the mail bag to answer your questions. 

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Monday, August 29, 2016

My night with a professional.....comedian. That's not right!!

Let's start with a trip trip down memory lane from the ole' Dimension household...

I'll set the stage: its late 1980's, I was just a youngster, late teens, and was highly obsessed with comedy. Around this time, I became familiar with comedians like Andrew Dice Clay, Bob Nelson, Rick Ducommun and Howie Mandel to name a few. One comic in particular made a lasting impression, not just upon me, but upon my entire family. This comedian was Kevin Meaney.

Kevin Meaney was funny, charismatic and over the top. Doing impressions of his family, how over bearing his Mother was and the pure ridiculousness of everyday life made perfect sense to me. My Dad had raised me on Jonathan Winters and Kevin really reminded me of Winters, with his great sense of storytelling and sketch mastery. "That's not right" and "go upstairs and put your big pants on" echoed our household for years and it even leaked into my own household, when my wife and I would tell our kids "stop walking around with that puss on your face!" They never laughed, but we sure did.

So, fast forward 30 years...

In our hometown, we have a theater; The Act II Playhouse, here in Ambler, and while Kim and I were out for our walk, I noticed they host comedy shows. I had never been to this theater, even though I lived here for 15 years, my wife has lived here, basically her entire life. I have no idea why I've never been there before, but let's just say, I'm glad we investigated things further.

I came home, looked online and, nearly fell over. I see "Kevin Meaney" coming to our hometown!! After being a fan for nearly 30 years, the opportunity had come to see!! Obviously, you can see, just by my use of exclamation marks, I was flipping out. I grabbed two, 2nd row seats and we were set.

Kevin with Kim and I
Let's just talk about the theater for second, before I discuss the night in question. The theater was so great. Its quaint, intimate and I was regretting not being there before. It will be a monthly spot for Kim and I. There is nothing better than being part of a small town and enjoying the finer things like the Act II Playhouse.

Now, Kevin came out like a house on fire, for the first 25 minutes, he was firing off funny stories, relatable family commentary and punchline after punchline and Kim and I were dying. Just full of energy. The entire, sold out crowd was in tears. He did new material, plus some of his most notable. He involved the crowd but here is where you can tell that Kevin is seasoned comedian....

Meaney chose stories and content based upon the demographic of the crowd. The audience was made up of mostly 35-65 yr olds and every story he told was relatable. Situations we can all look back upon and laugh, like going outside and playing, by digging a hole, not staring at people while driving and your parents being able to reach into the backseat, no matter how far away you squirmed from their reach. It was all 100% on point and took us all back to growing up.

I can't recommend these 2 things anymore.

  1. If you're in Ambler, PA and you're looking for a great comedy show, play or musical, make sure you stop by the Act II Playhouse
  2. If Kevin Meaney comes near your town, go out and see him. I promise, you will not be disappointed. 
Here are all your ways to stay in contact with them:

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Act 2 Playhouse -

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Do It Yourself - DVD repair

Ever have a DVD that won't work because its scratched? Well, you're in luck, today I show you how to repair it. Its a little DIY clinic. 

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dimension Chat - When your little one moves on.

Well, our oldest officially moved out yesterday, needless to say, it wrecked Kim and I. I just share a quick thought. Hopefully, you watch and can relate.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Today's Dimension Chat - Our Monster-Mania recap

Ever wonder what our weekend is like at Monster-Mania? Between that and Curt Robinson attending Combat Zone Wrestling, it was a packed weekend. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Acting with Andy - Today's Lesson : Life Lesson's & Robots

On today's episode of Acting with Andy, Andy tries to offer his help with Life Lesson's and Robots. Yeah, we though the title sounded off too. Well, make sure you follow all his tips (ok..that's probably a really bad idea).

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Monday, August 8, 2016

Rediscovering 80's Comedians, Today

This past week has been filled with a lot of memories of years past. Back in the late 80's, my family had HBO. World famous funny man, Rodney Dangerfield hosted a show that introduced America to some of the best comedians on the planet. I remember parking myself down in front of the ole' boob tube and watching, laughing and learning comedy from "up and comers". Sure, these "new, fresh faces" we actually masters of the art, that were gaining national exposure.

This is where I found Andrew Dice Clay, Sam Kinison, Bob Saget and a few others. I also remember finding Howie Mandel on HBO too. I actually saw Howie in Atlantic City in 1987. He was fantastic. Well, this brings me to today's point of rediscovering the comedians of the 80's. While some may have fallen out of sight, that doesn't mean they ever stopped working.

While walking with Kim through our hometown, we saw an advertisement for a comedy show, this is where I give a "OMG" moment. I see a sign for Kevin Meaney...KEVIN MEANEY in my hometown!!! I am instantly brought back to the late 80's of watching Kevin's stand up routine of "Big Pants people", him parading around on stage, singing"I don't care" and saying a catch phrase I've muttered for years, "That's not right". I race home to look up info about tickets and instantly purchase tickets. Sure, I haven't watched any of Kevin's routines in years but in today's world, I looked around on youtube and sat back, laughed and was brought back to 1987.

So, in a few weeks, Kim and I will walk 2 block, head to our local theater and enjoy the comedy stylings of Kevin Meaney. Now...this would've been a great story had this been the end..but guess what? Its not!!

Yesterday, sniffing around online (sounds very detective-like) I discover another comedian from the 80's that absolutely, captivated me, named Bob Nelson. His characters Eppy Epperman and Jiffy Jeff, the prize fighter (who fought 6 times and lost 11) were classics in my household growing up. A few clicks on youtube and then a quick search discovered that Bob will be in my area in Oct. Again, I literally freak out and shout to Kim, "You believe this!! Bob Nelson is gonna be around here in October!!" Sure, it took her a few minutes of me acting out Bob's routine to remember who Bob was, but then she laughed and remembered. Again, after a few clicks, we grab tickets to see Bob in October. I'm not sure why these comedians have found their way back into my life, brain..whatever...but I am so glad they did. Call it nostalgia or a trip down memory lane, I call it still funny after all these years. Do some searching and maybe, just maybe, you'll find a reason to smile and laugh. Enjoy your day.

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Friday, August 5, 2016

The Pringles Taste Challenge

The Dimension family is back, asking for trouble as they try 11 different Pringles flavors. Everyone loves Pringles chips, right? Wait until you see the reactions on this taste test. It's a must watch.

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